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Offering a unique partnering approach

The Green-Co offers a unique partnering approach where we journey with you, sharing and reducing your risk whilst maximizing cost savings. Our customers benefit from leveraging off the synergies that a single service provider with a proven track record brings. Accordingly your company will benefit from enlisting a partner that’s committed to tailoring solutions to meet these specific requirements. The Green-Co offering is defined by the following five pillars.


We pride ourselves on not approaching each unique customer outcome with a hammer and thereby making every challenge look like a nail. We have sourced products and services from all over the world and we blend these world class solutions to fit your unique business requirements. Our solutions provide economical management for the optimisation of your resources, whilst helping you become more responsive to your environmental needs and thereby accelerate cost saving initiatives.

The Green-Co Water

Global Water scarcity is a reality. By 2025 South Africa will be approaching physical water scarcity where more than 60% of river flows will be allocated. While Africa is facing water scarcity, with projections for 2025 at less than 25% of water from rivers withdrawn for human purposes, our Green Water offerings provide leading outcomes-based solutions that cover the entire water cycle from the incoming water line through to the discharged Water (Waste Water)…

The Green-Co Energy

Reliable electricity supply is proving to be an ongoing problem in South Africa and on the African continent. Rising electrical costs have become commonplace for South African Businesses, while electricity costs will increase by a further 500% in the next five years. Our “Green Energy” solutions provide an end to end, sustainable and environmentally friendly answer to reducing businesses electricity usage through careful cost assessment, industry benchmarking…

The Green-Co Waste

The Green Co is proud to have partnered with Budget Waste for technically challenging Hazardous Waste requirements, Blue Planet for Innovative Bacteria solutions and Aquaffection, which offers an innovative and complete Water – Waste management program from filtration, recycling and storage systems that assists companies in complying with the new waste disposal laws and government regulations…

The Green-Co IT

The world is too densely populated to escape the effects of Greenhouse gas emissions, electronic waste disposal and toxic production methods. ICT is both part of the problem and key to the solution.

Global carbon emissions attributable to ICT have been estimated at 2% to 2.5% of world totals – about the same as the airline industry – and as high as 5-6% of developed nation totals…

The Green-Co Consulting

Being up to date with regulations that affect a business is a key part in managing the enterprise. In order to help our customers understand current and future regulations we gather this info for our customers in order to improve their understanding of what is required under the law…

Case Studies

Case studies are a quick and effective way to understand how our products and services have helped businesses and communities in various industries save money and be regulatory compliant…

The Green-Co Way


Productivity Increase

  • Achieved through measuring and managing your natural resource usage challenges.
  • Innovative tools and solutions to support green business initiatives.
  • An in-depth understanding of customer outcomes and cost saving goals.
  • Return on Investment Analysis and payback determination.
  • Positive Net Free Cash Flow considerations.
  • Data analytics to determine efficiency results and improvements.
  • Continual stress testing to ensure solution optimisation.

Focus on your Core business

  • The disciplined pursuit of less, only better results in success and focus.
  • Cost overruns can and do create unnecessary distractions.
  • The need to focus on one's business priorities and associated objectives is of paramount importance.
  • We help business manage their environmental and green complexities, whilst reducing costs and staying focused.
  • Environmental compliance is not only a business imperative, but a social conscience necessity.
  • At The Green Co we believe that companies can still do well by doing good.
  • Why do we have to choose between the environment and the economy, why can't we make the environment the economy.

Digital and Software Requirements:

  • Digitisation is happening at an unprecedented rate and companies are battling to keep up with the onslaught.
  • Digital, Networking, IOT (Internet of things), software solutions and technologies such as Blockchain, Virtual reality, 3-D printing, Robotics and Drones.
  • Many companies are acutely aware of the need to act correctly to maximise the opportunities that this changing environment bring.
  • How and when to act, especially, whilst each department is typically defining and using their own software and solutions is the key question.
  • Data silos exacerbate the absence of uniformity and create inconsistency in the types of software being deployed across the organization.
  • Financial waste, complexity and productivity losses are resulting in push back in favour of technology solutions consolidation.
  • The Green Co is proud to have helped dozens of companies navigate this journey through our unique outcomes based managed services approach.

Cost Reduction: To use the most appropriate technologies

  • The establishment of a cost baseline obtained from smart meter data analytics and expenses analysis.
  • Benchmarking of costs to determine inefficiencies and possible cost overruns.
  • Utility cost audit to determine the accuracy of estimates and charges.
  • Recommended alternatives for cost reduction and efficiency improvements.
  • Regulatory compliance analysis to ensure environmental impact and cost containment.
  • Bundling of customer outcomes using the unique The Green Co cost to install model to offset costs.
  • Business case modelling to demonstrate cost savings, ROI’s and favourable pay periods first hand.

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