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Take Action in creating a sustainable future

The Green-Co offers a unique partnering approach where we journey with you, to unlock sustainable cost savings and a great ROI


Thought Leadership

Being up to date with regulations that affect a business is a key part in managing the enterprise.

Welcome to the Green-Co
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Leading green solutions for a changing world! Switching to green technologies is not about tree-hugging and tie-dyed hippies. While this may be true for some, the real truth is that switching to sustainable green solutions can mean big cost-savings for your business if done right.

Inefficiencies in your business may be costing a fortune. Industry leaders are starting to realise that embracing environmentally respectful technologies not only minimises needless harm, but can reduce costs and maximise profitability. At The Green-Co we understand that every business is different and that’s why we offer a unique approach.

Our highly experienced team of professionals include engineers, accountants, lawyers and more – all working together to ensure the best possible sustainable solution for you, our client – whether that solution includes a switch to solar PV technologies, specialised waste management or water management systems, addressing inadequate IT platforms, technologies and processes or a combination of these. At your request we have the expertise to do a complete risk-free utilities audit, address legislation and billing practices where you could be saving money, but then take it that step further and implement processes and systems that will reduce operating costs significantly while reducing your carbon footprint.

In short, we will tailor a complete solution that aligns with your goals, your budget and your unique circumstances. We understand that there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The time to contact us for a consultation is now, let’s see how much money you could be saving. As a professional you know that we are not living in an economic climate where any business can afford to be flushing potential profits down the toilet!

Solar Panels in the Sun

Solar/Photovoltaic System

Convert to a sustainable solar system for cost reduction on your electricity bill between 20% and 60% and for protection against load shedding. Zero risk, no capex, as well as capex or financed solutions available.


Water Management

Is your municipal water bill too high? Looking at a grey-water recycling system? Water saving technologies? Water purification systems? As a water management resource we can offer all these cost-saving options and more.

Waste Management

Whether it’s challenging hazardous waste disposal, innovative bacterial solutions or onsite circular economies you need, we are equipped to engineer innovative solutions that meet your requirements and are legally compliant.
IT consulting

IT Consultants

Significant cost savings can be achieved by creating digital workspaces through the use of cloud services, SD Wan technologies and online applications. We have an extensive portfolio of solutions for businesses of any size.

Business Growth Through Consultations

Business Consultants

Redefine your business and processes to ensure increased turnover and profitability in today’s economic climate. Whether it’s a business, marketing or operational strategy you need, our experts are ready to assist.


Productivity Increase:

  • We measure and manage natural resource usage challenges.
  • Innovative tools and solutions to support green business initiatives.
  • Understanding of customer outcomes and cost saving goals.
  • Return on Investment Analysis and payback determination.
  • Positive Net Free Cash Flow considerations.
  • Data analytics to determine efficiency results and improvements.
  • Continual stress testing to ensure solution optimisation.

Digital and Software Requirements:

  • Digitisation is happening at an unprecedented rate.
  • Digital, Networking, IOT (Internet of things).
  • Software, Block-chain, VR, 3D Printing.
  • Knowing how and when to act is critically important.
  • Understanding data silos exacerbate the absence of uniformity.
  • Determining financial waste, complexity and productivity losses.
  • To demonstrate favourable returns and positive payback periods.

Focus on your Core business:

  • The disciplined pursuit of less, only better.
  • Cost overruns can and do create unnecessary distractions.
  • Focus on one’s business priorities and objectives.
  • Helping manage environmental complexities.
  • Social conscious leadership.
  • Do well by doing good.
  • Why choose between the environment and the economy?

Cost Reduction using appropriate technologies:

  • Establishing a cost baseline.
  • Benchmarking of costs to determine inefficiencies.
  • Utility cost audit to determine billing accuracy.
  • Recommended cost reduction alternatives.
  • Regulatory compliance ananlysis.
  • Bundling of outcomes to offset costs.
  • Business case modeling using our unique ROI model.