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The Green Co is a company that cares about the environment and the effects that the increasing carbon footprint has on our precious planet.  We are a team of professionals, like-minded in our purpose to assist our clients with their cost savings and “journey to green” enabling them to achieve their carbon footprint reduction goals, through the implementation of leading green environmental solutions,  that are cost effective, best of breed, and highly effective and efficient. We are passionate about our people, our brand, the beautiful planet the customers we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised  as the leading Green outcomes based managed services provider to the business market in Africa.


Our Solutions

We focus holistically on each clients unique needs and outcomes in order to achieve meaningful cost savings.  Carbon footprint reductions are achieved through the professional implementation of leading green solutions, translating into lower Capex or zero Capex, thus resulting in favourable return on investment whilst enhancing your overall value chain. 


Main Initiative

"Our Goal is to assist our customers to achieve measurable and manageable savings through sustainability"

We pride ourselves on being positioned as trusted advisors, thus enabling us to collaborate with leading industry experts both locally and internationally as part of our ongoing commitment to give our clients the best holistic solutions, information and advice.

Our extensive knowledge base means that our clients are engaged with a partner they can trust.  Our best of breed outcomes based solutions, such as a new Solar PV system, an end to end Water Management System, a Compliant Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal Process or a world class IT implementation is designed with each customers unique needs and budgetary requirements in mind.

About The Green Co

Leading experts in renewable energy, sustainable water, compliant waste management systems and IT solutions that underpin it all.

Preserving the environment is more critical than ever before. The Green Co understands that the primary goal of any business is to maximise key stake holder returns to ensure business continuity.  Sustainability goals are achievable through the implementation of holistic systems and processes that enhance both efficiencies and productivity in a highly cost effective manner whilst being environmentally friendly.  

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Bioremediation and Water Clean up Projects​
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Water savings projects implemented with combined savings of R 117 million
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Megawatts of funded solar projects installed and managed
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The Renewable Way

Our Solutions

Why choose between the economy and the environment, why not make the environment the economy

Cost Saving Renewable Energy Solutions

Our holistic approach to renewable energy means that our team of highly trained and experienced experts ensure an in depth understanding of the strategic options and choices available to our customers. Understanding your base load with a view to brining your consumption down, before proposing a solution, thereafter determining the most cost effective and efficient renewable energy options available, depending on your sites unique topography, and building structures, and budget requirements, whether it be wheeling, gas to power, solar PV, or a combination of a total energy production and management system that encompasses safety and reliability is at the cornerstone of what we as a managed services provider offer our business clients, whether these clients have a single location or multiple branches.

Sustainable Water & Remediation Solutions

Water is one of the most important building blocks of life and a key earth element. In fact, without it we could not survive. Yet in a water scarce country like South Africa, this key resource is continuously disregarded. In Gauteng for example, 37% of water is lost through leaky infrastructure, whilst 50% is lost on site. Water is life, hence it is for this reason we have deployed leading experts both locally and internationally utilising accredited technologies to re-use, recycle, remediate and manage the war on leaks. The Green Co provides turnkey solutions for all our customers, water management, filtration and bioremediation needs. All supplied in a highly cost efficient and sustainable manner. We supply robust operations and maintenance options for continued service and support throughout the lifespan of your solution.

Green Advisory

Our trusted green advisors are proficient at interpreting customer requirements and uncovering latent needs, based on the companies current and future outcomes. Our professional services include needs analysis, predictive analytics, solution identification and design. We recommend the most cost effective and appropriate fit for purpose technologies. Our end to end installation and project management solutions are backed by stringent service level agreements and include onsite or remote management capabilities.

Revenue Generating Waste Management

Have you ever heard it said that one persons poison is another persons pleasure. As we continue to buy and throw away, the plastic pollution in our oceans grows daily. So much so that it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the oceans by 2050 than fish! A large portion of your waste can be recycled to generate additional income. In fact many waste sources are used to create much needed energy, such as biofuels, all whilst creating a sustainable circular economy. Waste management programmes aid in revenue enhancement initiatives, whilst also creating employment. Our leading industry experts are able to deliver onsite waste management, hazardous waste removal, waste to energy and a host of cutting edge waste management technologies that are compliant with the relevant waste regulations.

Leading ICT Solutions

There is an old and true adage that says "If you can''t measure it you can't manage it.
As the cost of IT services continues to evolve through more effective and efficient deployments, the key questions that businesses need to ask is "Am I paying too much, and am I getting the most robust, value for money and secure solutions available in the market today?" With over 3 decades of successful deployments in the ICT sector, our team of highly professional system engineers have a proven track record of success in businesses across industries of all sizes.


As technological enhancements continue to develop, new and more efficient technologies are being brought to bare. Bioremediation for biological improvement to soil, provides better structure and porosity, which helps reduce the need for fertilisers and control agents are just one such type of technology. We develop and implement treatment plans based on the individual customer needs of major agricultural and large land body requirements for enhanced crop yield. Example of bioremediation include oil spill cleanup and other pollutant remediation requirements.

The Facts

Doing well by doing good

The world faces multiple threats from climate change and South Africa and the rest of the African continent is no different.  Across sectors – agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure, tourism and more – the costs to the economy is substantial. Without urgent and determined action, South Africa stands to lose 5.03% of its GDP by 2050, rising to 13.5% by 2100.

It is for this very reason that we at The Green Co are proud to do our part in helping our clients to do well by doing good!

In the midst of the energy crisis in South Africa, renewable energy plays a significant role in socio-economic development, whilst improving energy security, creating jobs, reducing the environmental impact and providing access to electricity where the incumbent power provider can not.   The move towards sustainable energy sources continues at an accelerated pace, so much so that shareholders, customers and partners alike are now seeking out businesses that are sustainability focused with clear circular economy and zero emission goals.

In South Africa water demand is expected to exceed supply by 17% in 2030.  The 4 drivers of physical water scarcity in South Africa include increased demand, population growth, climate change and pollution.  Sustainable water management, conservation, efficiency and pollution reduction together with improved infrastructure are key to the mitigation of these serious problems facing South Africa.  

Each year, South Africa generates more than 50 million tonnes of general waste with only a third being recycled, with the remainder being disposed of in landfill sites, all whilst we are running out of landfill space.  Our oceans and ecology continue to be heavily polluted.

The Green Co provides sustainable ENERGY, WATER, WASTE AND IT solutions to mitigate these threats.

Corporate Social Responsibility | Investment (CSR & CSI) is a business imperative  as communities are becoming more reliant on the goodwill of responsible corporate citizens just to ensure their basic needs are met.  The high rate of unemployment, coupled with high poverty rates in South Africa means going green isn’t just about doing good business but helping to uplift the communities in which businesses serve.


Air Pollution
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The annual average PM2.5 concentration in South Africa (Gauteng area) is 6 times greater than the WHO recommended concentration levels.   The primary contributors of air pollution are industrial & coal fired power plants.  Inadequate distribution of electricity grid expansion has failed to keep pace with rapid urbanisation and the growth of informal settlements. Because of regular power outages (known locally as “load shedding”), businesses and residents, are heavily reliant on off-grid diesel generators. This generates yet more toxic air.

SA ranks as the 13th highest emitter of Co2 in the world
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Natural disasters in South Africa (eg: droughts, floods, storms) have lead to significant social and economic losses, which is anticipated to exacerbate as consequence of climate change.  Due to its topography and human settlement distribution, South Africa is especially vulnerable to climate change and the impacts on human settlements and critical ecosystem services.  There is evidence that extreme weather events are increasing, with heat waves more likely, dry spell durations lengthening and flood intensity increasing.

Unemployment Rate in South Africa​
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South Africa is forecast to have 8.24 million unemployed in 2024. Investment into critical infrastructure like sustainable energy is a key driver of jobs in the country. 

SA Average temperature increase twice as fast as global temperatures​
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Since 1990, the national average temperature has increased twice as fast as global temperatures.  Extreme weather events are increasing, with heat waves more likely, dry spell durations lengthening and rainfall intensity increasing.

Water Supply Poses Acute Health Risk in South Africa
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Our drinking water is contaminated by sewage and bacteria attributing to cholera and other outbreaks.

South Africa is expected to experience a water deficit of 17% by 2030 and climate change will worsen the situation
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South Africa is facing water scarcity as there is just not enough water to supply the growing population.  We have an average yearly rainfall of almost half the global average.  Approximately 70 million litres of clean drinkable water a day is lost due to leaks characteristic of South Africas ailing infrastructure.

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