Digitisation is happening at an unprecedented rate and companies are battling to keep up with the onslaught of Digital, Networking, IOT (Internet of things) and software solutions, not to mention the impact technologies such as blockchain, Virtual reality, 3-D printing, robotics and drones are having on society and the enterprise. Many companies are acutely aware of the need to act correctly to maximise the opportunities that this changing environment bring. How and when to act, especially, whilst each department is typically defining and using their own software and solutions is the key question. Data silos exacerbate the absence of uniformity and inconsistency in the types of software being deployed across the organization. Due to the financial waste, complexity and productivity loss associated with this “software smorgasbord” approach, companies are starting to push back and consolidate their technology solutions. They are literally sweeping the box of “square-pegs-and-round-holes” off the table and looking for something more agile, universal and user-empowering.

At The Green Co we pride ourselves on not approaching each unique customer outcome with a hammer and thereby making every challenge look like a nail. Our in-depth market understanding by industry vertical coupled with the extensive research we do on each customer’s unique needs; business priorities and sustainability objectives has enabled us to pinpoint pain points and thereby uncover inefficiencies and cost overruns. We have sourced products and services from all over the world and we blend these world class solutions to fit your unique business requirements. Our solutions provide economical management for the optimisation of your resources, whilst helping you become more responsive to your environmental needs and thereby accelerate cost saving initiatives.

Everyone knows they need to harness the power of digital and mobile technology, they just didn’t know how. Our access to world class digitisation tool sets has helped fill this vacuum, allowing countless solutions to be conceptualized to meet custom-made internal communication and marketing needs – and be constructed in a matter of hours.

Digital Marketing and communication Solutions

The Green Co has partnered with some of South Africa’s leading blue-chip companies, implementing cost cutting Green and ICT Outcomes Based Solutions. We have forged strategic alliances with leading providers of Green and ICT Solutions and we are therefore pleased to have been able to partner with URUP as one of our trusted partners, given the clear return on investment opportunities…

Mobile and IT Expense Management

Businesses that implement a telecom management solution can save 10-30% of their annual telecom and IT budget……