The Green Co and its partners are a strongly established IT and Mobile solutions enabler.

Our web-based Telecommunication and Technology Expense Management Platform processes and organizes large amounts into actionable analytics.  The system automatically combines multiple invoices into one easy to understand dashboard. 

Businesses, no matter the size, can now have a clear and uncomplicated view of cost, usage and key performance areas.

The expense management solution provides an integrated, scalable Information and Communication Technology solution for businesses of every size and market segment. 

The solution is capable of management and reporting on anything from:

* Traditional PBX-based call accounting (TMS) usage to

* Comprehensive TEM including mobile voice, mobile data, fixed lineAPN and Internet of Things (M2M)

The solution offers a comprehensive “ONE VIEW” approach to business by enabling customers with the ability to manage their telecom and IT environments and associated costs.  Alone or bundled, the management systems modules deliver technology expense management options aimed at reducing telecom costs, clear viability and maximising staff resources and time including invoice management, payment and allocation, cost recovery and allocation reporting.


New line applications and transfers, upgrades and cancellations. 

Vendor Contract and Budget Management: 

  • Specialising in negotiating the best possible contracts for your enterprise and managing your relationship with the vendor and third-party vendor proposal evaluation.

Dispute Management:

  • Expertise in cost recovery relating to billing errors such as being billed for services which are no longer in use, charging more than agreed on contractual rates for particular services or double billing.

Compliance Management – Implementation of Policies & Procedures:

  • Including mobile policies for HR departments, ICT Strategies, cost saving opportunities, pricing comparison and benchmarking.


Monitor Usage and Control Expenses:

Complete visibility into telecom usage.  Validates invoices, manages inventory, automates invoice approval and exception processes and allocates charges to the appropriate cost centre.

Easy to use Web Interface:

Requires no technical expertise and allows businesses to make faster, smarter decisions and to take immediate action on runaway costs.

Reports interface with other corporate systems

Works for any business & enterprise of any size

Powerful, scalable and secure.  Suitable for small and large organisations.  Provides multi-vendor integration with a current profile of over 100 of South Africa’s top vendors for both mobile, fixed and ICT solutions.

The systems modular architecture support ongoing expansion. Modules can be added as your business grows or as TEM rollout progresses. 

 * Mobile voice, Data and APN’s

* TMS Telecom management for PABX and Multi-extensions

* Fixed Line Voice & Data

* Sim IoT – M2M Sim Management



Reports on Mobile Voice and Data contracts with additional reporting designed to address needs relating specifically to APN management. We do the work for you, utilising both daily CDR’s, EDR’s and Monthly Invoice files from the respective service providers as source data.


Reports on Hosted PBX extensions utilising daily CDR’s and from the respective Hosted PBX provider as source data.  Ideal for smaller fixed line portfolios using Hosted PBX.


Reports on Fixed Line (PSTN, VOIP, SIP, Fixed Wireless) Voice and fixed Line Data (ADSL and Broadband) contracts and utilises monthly invoice files from the respective service providers as source data and if readily available, will incorporate daily CDR’s.

Fixed Line Voice & Data Includes

  • Fibre
  • DSL
  • Wireless Broadband
  • Satellite
  • VOIP
  • VPN
  • Cloud Computing and other Hosted Services


A powerful cloud based, BI, reporting and management platform designed and built for large Machine to Machine (M2M) environments, enabling effective control, management and monitoring as well as active and passive reporting across the entire M2M estate, irrespective of the number of providers used for GSM connectivity.  It also bridges the gap between the organisations specific internal corporate application data such as CRM / ERP applications and the billing and usage data received from GSM providers.

Who needs Sim?

Any M2M organisation that makes use of the GSM network as a primary means of connecting to and communicating with their M2M environment.

How does the Sim Work?

Sim sources your company’s daily and monthly billing information, with consent, directly from the Service Providers.

The data is imported to our database where data manipulation and analytics allow presentation via the web based Sim portal, in a meaningful manner.

Benefits of Intelligible Sim

  • Single platform providing usage, cost and contract information across the entire M2M environment.
  • Extensive APN analytics provides detailed insight into all APN usage down to individual SIM level.
  • Purpose built reporting helps stop bill shock by quickly identifying abuse, missing and rogue SIM’s.
  • Immediate insight into all zero billing and low usage SIM’s.
  • Control, manage and recover all roaming charges.
  • Ensure commercial compliance against signed provider agreements. EG: Discounts, rates and tariffs.
  • Automated cost recovery is easily achievable through custom pre-defined criteria and report automation.
  • Understand all network routes being used and the efficiency of each, ie: GPRS, SMS, Roaming etc.

  • Gain insight into product profitability by auto-merging internal company information with provider billing.

  • Combining CRM information with provider billing ensures accurate and relevant reporting.

  • Easily reconcile and verify usage against provider billing.

  • All information is on hand and readily available, eg: itemized billing per SIM

  • Scalable Platform ensures costs are understood, managed and controlled as your business grows.

  • Powerful analytics and reporting provide insight, management and control across the M2M environment.

  • Easily identify overage, underage and wastage per SIM, per customer etc.

  • Dashboards provide summary information on an otherwise large and complex environment.

  • Automated reports can be scheduled for email based on custom alerts and triggers being set off.

  • Set budgets at any level and receive corresponding budget tracking reports.

  • Find any device or cost quickly through the search feature.

  • Secure, permission based user access ensures that users only see information relevant to them.