Every day the sun provides the earth with more than ten thousand times the energy required by the earth’s population, at no cost. It makes no sense, environmentally or financially, not to maximize it: we know it’s clean, and in South Africa solar electricity has become cheaper than local grid power in many cases.

Even when competing against some of Eskom’s cheapest rates, we’re seeing that a well-engineered system with smart financial structuring delivers immediate cash flow savings to clients, with substantial electricity cost reductions over the operating life of the plant. Factor in security of supply and the positive sustainability message, and there is a strong business case for solar photovoltaics (PV).

The three major reasons that solar PV is becoming cheaper than conventional (coal) energy are:

* the reduction in PV system costs,

* private sector efficiency and

* increasing costs associated with coal fired generation.

The Green Co and its partners are world leading experts in renewable energies. Our services include Project development, EPC, O&M and associated metering and management solutions for the successful transition to Renewable Energy.

To date we have built five utility scale solar plants totaling 120 MW with a current pipeline extending to over 1787 MW across a Global Footprint inclusive of North America, Central and South America, The Caribbean, Europe and Africa.  

Advisory Services

We pride ourselves in the delivery of the best value for money implementations of reliable renewable energy solutions both in South Africa and Globally. A very strong and technically diverse development team are involved from initial concept and design right through to construction, implementation and ongoing management.

Our highly skilled team will advise on the optimal design leading to the lowest cost of energy over the lifetime of the project.

The Value Chain

Project Development:

* Country analysis, location analysis, property rights,

* Approvals – Construction, Ecology, Feed-In

* Site planning

* Yield Report, Due diligence, Financing


* Purchase (Components)

* Country Commissioning

* Building Site Preparation, Delivery & Assembly

* Grid Connection


* Monitoring

* Maintenance, Cleaning


* Asset Management

* Power Sales – PPA, Off Grid, Own Consumption

Engineering Purchase and Construction

Our engineers customize energy plants according to your specific needs. Having realized an extensive number of solar projects worldwide, we provide you with top-tier components, help you with all questions concerning financing and monitor the operation of your solar power plant.

Solution viability is measured through:

* current (and future) electricity tariffs

* energy usage / load profile

* available land / roof area

* best-fit technology selection 

* maximizing self-consumption 

* lightning protection

* operations & maintenance (O&M) requirements

* ensuring compliance with equipment supplier’s warranty terms

We are experts in larger commercial and industrial plants in the range of 1 MW capacity. Industrial clients as well as investment corporations and energy suppliers profit from our expertise. Our range of services include project development, public approvals, financing, EPC, grid connection, O&M and consultancy services.  Access to all technologies like fix tilt, hybrid systems, 1 axis tracker, 2 axis tracker or concentrator systems.  All fully supplier independent.

We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Certified

Benefits of Clean Energy

* Cost against traditional energy supply

* Protection against unpredictable energy price hikes

* Security of energy Supply (in light of an increasingly unstable grid)

* Corporate Responsibility influenced decision making in terms of green and sustainable solutions.

* Economic Development

Economic Development

We value the opportunity that Renewable Energy projects provide to positively impact the destiny of our fellow South Africans, who otherwise would not have a viable economical future as a result of factors beyond their control.