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IT Consultants – The Green Way
To build an optimal digital workspace, IT professionals must bring people, processes, and technology together to deliver a consistent, secure, efficient, and effective employee experience anywhere and anytime on any end-user device. This requires looking beyond traditional workplace environment models and thinking instead about how employees use digital technology to better serve customers and drive an improved overall experience for both customers and end users.
Through the implementation of best energy-management practices in existing data centres, up to 70% reduction in energy usage is achieved by using high efficiency technologies for cooling and power. At the simplest level, cloud data centres save energy because they achieve very high virtualization ratios, typically on newer, more efficient equipment. This can represent significant cost savings for an organisation.

Digital enablement needs to be structured to constantly improve the user experience, increase digital competencies and promote business agility. The Green Co offers SD Wan and cloud technologies that suite your budget. Even SME’s can operate as a large enterprise with our large array of applications and services suited specifically to the needs of your business. Procurement trends are encouraging manufacturers to innovate and design products and solutions with environmental impact and energy conservation in mind. Smart energy applications adjust energy consumption to real time need patterns and climate conditions, resulting in drastic reductions in energy waste.
IT innovation and efficiencies can contribute substantially not only to the preservation of our natural resources and environment, but also to reducing operating costs in your business with a view to maximising profitability. We also offer POPI compliant solutions for electronic equipment waste disposal and recycling.

The Green Co helps enterprises design comprehensive digital workplace strategies to drive higher revenues, enable cost savings, attract and retain talent and outperform the competition in a hyper-connected world.

We have the most advanced and up to date cloud, connectivity and application solutions in our portfolio that allows customers the freedom to pick and choose from not only the best applications but also the premium IT management services in South Africa and Globally.