The world is too densely populated to escape the effects of Greenhouse gas emissions, electronic waste disposal and toxic production methods. ICT is both part of the problem and key to the solution.

Global carbon emissions attributable to ICT have been estimated at 2% to 2.5% of world totals – about the same as the airline industry – and as high as 5-6% of developed nation totals. McKinsey forecasts that the ICT sector’s carbon footprint will triple during the period from 2002 to 2020.

For office buildings, ICT typically accounts for more than 20% of the energy used, and in some offices up to 70%. Although energy costs typically comprise less than 10% of an overall IT budget, in a few years they could rise to more than 50%. Many large organizations such as Google already claim that their annual energy costs exceed their server costs.

Between 30% and 60% of the electricity consumed in server rooms is wasted – but integrated planning using current and emerging technologies can reduce power consumption in data centres by 50-80% and required floor space by up to 65%.

Through the implementation of best energy-management practices in existing data centres, up to 70% reduction in energy usage could be achieved by using high efficiency technologies for cooling and power.

Procurement trends are encouraging manufacturers to innovate and design products and solutions with environmental impact and energy conservation in mind. Smart energy applications adjust energy consumption to real time need patterns and climate conditions, resulting in drastic reductions in energy waste.

Virtualization can eliminate wasteful network equipment, reducing energy consumption and floorspace.

Power management is important to saving energy, especially since computers are often in use more hours per day than they used to be. ENERGY STAR certified computers deliver substantial savings over standard models and are now more efficient than ever.

As an example – If all computers sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the savings would grow to:

  • More than $1 billion in annual energy costs per year
  • Approximately 15 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the emissions from more than 1.4 million vehicles.

IT innovation and efficiencies an contribute substantially to the preservation of our natural resources and environment.

Managed Services

To compete successfully in the market, today’s business forces each company to concentrate on its core business. Simultaneously, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) becomes more and more fundamental to success. As the importance of Information Technology escalates, complexities increase. ICT under pins core business but should not be the core focus of the business. For this very reason, it may benefit companies to outsource their ICT environment to specialists in the field, who are able to concentrate on Information and Communications Technology as their area of expertise and allow companies for focus on the business of doing business…

The world class evolution of communication solutions

From smoke signals to phones – What’s the next step in the evolution of the telephone?

To truly understand how VoIP can help your business, you must first know what it is. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. All that means is that you’re essentially able to talk with others over an Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line…

World Class Access Solutions

Choosing the right connectivity solution and provider and at the right price can be challenging. The Green Co has partnered with hand-picked connectivity providers who unlock value, provide the best customer service. From very affordable broadband to large scale high speed redundant networks, we can provide a solution that’s fit for purpose. All connectivity solutions are backed with service level agreements. All customer needs are different and by providing choice we ensure that our customers are continually offered the best possible solution, in an ever-changing South African telecoms environment. Premium and International internet access options are
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