Managed IT

To compete successfully in the market, today’s business forces each company to concentrate on its core business. Simultaneously, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) becomes more and more fundamental to success. As the importance of Information Technology escalates, complexities increase. ICT under pins core business but should not be the core focus of the business. For this very reason, it may benefit companies to outsource their ICT environment to specialists in the field, who are able to concentrate on Information and Communications Technology as their area of expertise and allow companies for focus on the business of doing business.


The Green Co and its partners focus on solving business challenges through communication and the application of sound information technology practices and methodologies. To achieve this, considerable investment in emerging technologies and intellectual capital or skills is made. This enables you to respond to the needs of tomorrow.


Our permanent staff and consultants are highly experienced professionals in the information and communications technology sector. This enables the delivery of highly integrated and practical solutions. We have highly skilled resources in Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, HP, Riverbed, BlueCoat, Exinda, Huawei products, Networking, and Internet Technologies amongst others.


We have a reputable list of local and international customers who require a high level of expertise to solve complex and challenging information technology projects and are perfectly positioned to provide specialized assistance in infrastructure provisioning, scalability, best practices, redundancy, disaster recovery, and security.


Our team members are expert, service orientated and efficient. As a professionally operated and leading managed services provider we allow you to focus on customised strategic and support plans that are created specific to your individual business needs.

Our Strengths

We take your business goals and objectives seriously. Strategic thinking is supported by practical knowledge and years of experience. Our goal is help you maximise the ROI on your IT investment.  Consultation is conducted in the following way:

Infrastructure optimisation is the process of reviewing client infrastructure and making sure that the current platform performs at full capacity and that the maximum value is extracted.   Our team are able to build both off the shelf solutions as well as customs builds for a variety of industries.  Infrastructure optimization incorporates a deep understanding of the customers business goals and how to translate this into an IT solution that perfectly supports the various business functions.  Remote and onsite work can be conducted as necessary.  We stay abreast of the latest technology and solutions to ensure that our customers maximise on their IT investment.

Expand efficiencies through the implementation of cloud services. Cost savings are enabled if implemented the right way. Cloud services like Amazon, Google and Microsoft all provide Cloud solutions but a level of expertise is required in order to make it work for you.  With proper design and deployment, server virtualisation makes managing multiple servers easy and efficient.   Exponential flexibility is also enabled. This allows businesses to grow with very little incremental investment needed for expansion.

Business continuity is vital to long term success and profitability of your enterprise.

A Backup and Disaster Recovery plan ensures the safety of your data, business and reputation.

We can provide a well-structured plan for you so that you are able to protect your all-important company and customer data. An ineffective backup and disaster recovery plan can cause many a sleepless night.  Get protected from system and hardware failure.  Plans are strategic and customised to suit your individual need and budget.  We offer online backup services, offsite data backup and recovery services, dedicated and virtual server data recovery.   The strategy is key but continual analysis and reporting is key in the assurance that your backup and disaster recovery solution will work when needed.

Is the process of turning an unending supply of raw data into actionable intelligence in order to drive results within your business. BI gives you access to real time information to drive core decisions in your business.  This type of data provides clarity on strategic planning, risk reduction and effective budgeting. Recent advances in cloud computing have removed the capital expenditure barrier to entry in obtaining BI.  We have expertise in order to extract actionable insights to give your business the competitive advantage.

Professional Services

Our professional services team use a 3-phased approach in order to strategically develop, implement and support technology and infrastructure requirements within your organisation.

Business and Technology have a symbiotic reliance on each other.  Our team ensure that your organisation get the most out of your IT investment.

Organisational IT is studied and needs are addressed in a holistic way.  Taking time to fully understand each organisations needs and challenges is key to the successful implementation of innovation, technology and processes. Fit for purpose solutions are key to the success of business functions.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence

Boost Productivity
Automate business reports to give your employees time to devote to strategic thinking based on the BI report rather than spending hours compiling the report.

Give Customers what they need before they need it
Use BI to refine and customise cross-selling opportunities designed for their needs.

Uncover savings opportunities
Use BI to find the small adjustments to your business process that will add up to big savings

Technology Competencies:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Microsoft
  • HP/Aruba
  • Dell
  • Mercer
  • ARAD
  • Verint
  • Mavix
  • Huawei
  • Nortel
  • Blue Coat/Symantec
  • Avaya
  • Juniper
  • And Many More

The team is proficient in the following solutions:

IT consulting Services, Infrastructure Optimization, Cloud Computing and Business Continuity


  • Cloud Computing
  • Client/Server computing
  • Consolidation and standardization of IT systems
  • Internet and Intranet Solutions
  • Passive usage of the Internet
  • Active usage of the Internet
  • Deploying private Information networks
  • Internet from a service providers perspective
  • Infrastructures for Carriers and Service providers
  • Local Area Networks
  • Mobile Communications
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Network and Systems Management
  • Performance Tuning
  • Re-engineering of SNA networks
  • Security
  • Voice/Data integration
  • Enterprise and Corporate Networks
  • Re-engineering of legacy Networks ie: SNA
  • Security Solutions
  • Voice and Data Integrations
  • Virtual Private Network Solutions
  • Satellite Solutions
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Solutions

Solution Orientated Approach

With our extensive experience, we guarantee the best possible results for any IT project under our responsibility by applying the following methodology:  Breaking down every project into several sub-tasks ensures the smooth and efficient workflow. These sub-tasks in their optimal sequence within the project are:

  • Status Analysis
  • Cloud maturity assessments
  • Basic Documentation
  • Analysis of Requirements
  • Technology Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • High Level Design
  • Cost and Risk Analysis
  • Evaluation and Recommendation
  • System Design
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Statement of work
  • Tenders
  • RFP’s
  • Request for Proposals, Issuing of Tenders
  • Evaluation of Offers and Proposals
  • Overall Ratings
  • Short-list
  • Detailed Rating
  • Recommendation
  • Project Management
  • System Engineering
  • Sample Installation
  • Deployment and Migration Plan
  • Development of Approval procedures
  • Final Approval


Being an independent consulting company, we explicitly focus on the requirements of our customers.  We therefore always act in your interest and focus on your targets whilst keeping a neutral position on vendors and products.  Our philosophy, designing the best solutions for our customers and then supporting these solutions to the best of our ability.