As water availability decreases, its cost increases which in turn creates the need for water users to prevent water loss within their facilities and properties.

A smart water metering solution with online portal and reporting functionality provides facility managers with the ability to monitor and manage their water consumption and to manage waste through identification of leaks proactively at site.


  • Reduced cost of manual meter readings and managing data.
  • Ability to manage and reduce water loss and associated costs.
  • Identify unauthorised water usage.
  • Receive Alarm Notifications of leak development, meter failure or high consumption.
  • Compare accurate meeting readings with the council meter to ensure correct billing.
  • 5 year storage of flow profile and consumption data in the cloud.
  • Access to a specialist water loss technical support team.


An extensive range of Meters and Loggers appropriate for the required application can be provided. The loggers have an external battery, capable of powering the unit, that lasts up to 5 years. Data is downloaded once a day. Meters are monitored by connecting the GSM data loggers into existing consumer meters using meter manufactured reed switches and pulsars. Water pressure can be monitored in a similar way. Tamper proof housings protect the meters from tampering and the elements.

Meters are supplied and installed. On site staff trained on the use of the portal and how to interpret data. Assistance with report setup is also provided as part of the installation.

Meter Tamper Proof Housings prevent tampering and theft.

Water Consumption:
Water consumption Data can be easily exported in CSV format and imported into numerous software packages. The data can be used to compare against council bills. An example is shown in the Graph below.

Leak Detection:
Monitoring minimum night flow provides a good indicator of a leak. Water consumption at night should be minimal. When a large difference to the norm is noted this indicates a leak. In the example below, the repair of a leak resulted in a saving of over R50 000.00 per month. This shown in the graphical representation below:


In this example a leak ran for almost 3 years. Smart Water Metering has the ability to detect leaks for speedy remediation and cost savings.


In this example a reservoir control valve failure that would have cost the company R 250 000 but was successfully repaired in 8 days.

Geographic Map Interface
The online portal allows for management of large scale installations providing a graphical and geographical interface for ease of management.

Alarms and Auto Reporting
Once the demand profile has been determined, alarms are set to notify the customer of meter failure, high flow conditions, low flow conditions as well as high and low-pressure conditions.

Parameters are set on out of range data that automatically triggers a notification that’s sent to the facility manager.

Automatic email reports can also be configured and interrogated in terms of consumption trends and for billing purposes. No manual readings are required and the human error factor can be eliminated.

Accreditation and Affiliation
The Water Institute of South Africa
The South African Institution of Civil Engineering


Green-Co & WRP Projects


Somarela Thothi Water Loss Reduction Project – aimed to reduce water demand in the Greater Gabarone area through the implementation of social and technical water loss reduction initiatives.

“Project Boloka Metsi” – Emfuleni Water Loss Reduction Project – The Sebokeng and Evaton areas support ±500 000 residents that were in dire need of leakage reduction due to major water losses in the municipal system which in turn were causing major spillages of untreated sewage into local rivers.

Wadeville Meter Improvement Project – Investigation and audit of existing meter supplies to the 700 large consumers in Wadeville, Ekurhuleni. Design a consolidated single connection to each consumer. Manage the construction process and prepare completion reports. Update municipal billing information system with new meter information.
Khayelitsha Pressure Management Project – Design and commissioning of the multi-award winning advanced pressure management project. Water savings of 9 million m3/a.

Mitchells Plain Pressure Management Project – Design and commissioning of another large advanced pressure management project. Water savings of 3.5 million m3/a.

Tshwane Water Loss Project – Provision of specialist WDM support to the City of Tshwane to assist with numerous water loss reduction initiatives in what is now the third largest municipality by land area in the world.

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