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Waste Management Systems

The Green Co offers tailor made waste management and disposal solutions. Our Waste Management and recycling systems and logistics include recycling, scrap metal, onsite waste separation, identification and processing with zero waste to landfill. We have a vast array of organic waste and water treatments and products available for the environmentally safe disposing of bio-contaminants and bacterial waste.

We have the expertise to assist corporations in disposing of hazardous waste, bio-contaminants and bacterial waste as required and tailor solutions to fit your specific requirements.

Organic treatments are used by a variety of industrial facilities such as metal fabricators, mining operations, food processors, oil and gas refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants to economically expand capacity, lower maintenance costs, and stabilise waste-water systems.

  • Industrial
  • Waste-water Treatment
  • Oil / Hydrocarbon Waste
  • Environmental and Open Water

Our organic waste management systems are extremely effective at lowering effluent waste (COD, BOD, TSS, H2S), eliminating odours, reducing sludge generation and bring systems into compliance with local regulations.

Our organic waste treatments have also been used successfully to remediate oil spills- degrading over 95% of pollution in 8 weeks. Treatment is based on spill’s coverage area and depth of soil penetration. In shallow spills our treatment can be as simple as irrigating with diluted ACF-32 and water, and in deeper areas through injection holes with recycling of our organic treatments through extraction pumps.

Our organic treatments are very effective for environmental cleanups of waterways polluted with organic waste. They enhance the biological oxidation of the sludge to degrade organic compounds in lakes, lagoons, and rivers and helps restore the natural balance. Treatment significantly improves the vitality and stability of these natural bodies of open water, restoring their capacity to support aquatic life, as well as their value for conservation and recreational activities. The treatment is a non-toxic, non-caustic, biodegradable, a non-pathogenic product, and complies with the strictest environmental regulations.