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Water Management Services
Different types of water consumers need different solutions, the one thing that’s constant is that fresh water is becoming a gradually scarcer commodity and as such is set to become even more expensive over time. Already businesses are spending a lot of money on their monthly water bills, and businesses that actually use water in their production processes are even worse off. It makes sense to implement water-saving systems and make the most of the cost-savings benefits associated with responsible water consumption.
Water management systems may be as large or as small as required. The Green-Co is all about customised solutions that serve your particular business, circumstances and budget. We are able to offer options from large scale water recycling, purification or grey water systems all the way to smaller entities that just want to save costs on their monthly water bill. We can implement structures in the office that save water, like installing waterwise taps and flushing systems as well as a forensic audit of your monthly water bills to see where you could be saving money and make sure the municipality is billing you correctly. You’ll be surprised how often we save our customers money by simply addressing municipal billing inefficiencies. Whether you’re looking to save costs on your monthly water bill, reduce your reliance on municipal water supply or would like a complete waste water treatment system that’s tailored to your needs – we can assist.